By the time a business owner can learn how to best market their business, it’s too late. Not only is the market constantly changing, but the platforms you need to be on can too. Marketing is a full time job if you want your business to stay ahead of the platform changes and your competition. Most small/medium sized businesses can’t afford to hire someone full time which is why hiring a professional consultant for part-time wages is a great value for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you may choose to partner with us. 

Reduce Wasted Spend

Whether you’re on modern platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram, or on traditional platforms like tv, radio and newspaper…results matter. We pride ourselves on our ability to track and analyze results. Combining our experience with advanced analytics systems allows us to work hard to give you the best value possible from your ad dollars.

Save Time

Most business owners are VERY busy running their business. It’s difficult to set up and update advertising correctly, let alone make the time to monitor your results. Large national marketing companies have conditioned small businesses to make decisions on an annual basis. This is an antiquated way to handle marketing in today’s world. Conversely, smaller, niche freelancers are too hyper focused in their field and can’t integrate your message across all platforms. We can save you time by monitoring results, meeting with your vendors and analysing all of your options. Your business will also be able to make more frequent and informed changes throughout the year while keeping a strong coherent message across all media.


Much like most professions, there is no substitute for experience. With over 30 years between us working with small and medium sized businesses, MC2 Marketing will re-energize your marketing and help guide your desired growth.


Every business is unique. We pride ourselves in tailoring our programs with flexibility and outside the box thinking. We enjoy new challenges and any problem solving that may come along with it. The success of your business is our number one goal.

Attention to Detail

We over analyze EVERYTHING. No other company even comes close.